From one #momblog to another

I have been wanting to write something in ages, and bc I am just so exhausted from work, house, toddler and unreal exhaustion from what our family is going through right now, there can be a sense of loneliness that can happen..

and frustration. Im too tired to write, but writing gives me peace.

Read this post below; I know this girl. And she is hilarious. and parents need laughter when facing the reality of parenthood.

Laura summed up toddlerhood/parenthood so well! I enjoyed this read. It was what I needed- thanks Laura!!!! XO ☺️❤️

Laura’s blog post


Toddler Life 101

You know you’re living with a toddler when…

  1. There are crumbs literally everywhere:   in between couch cushions, all over the car, in the carseat, in the bed.. everywhere!! (I have 2 dogs who are quite efficient with the food clean up- and I STILL find crumbs!)
  2. The house has become art:  At least one piece of furniture/wall/door/floor has been coloured on with a crayon or been attacked by stickers
  3. You’ve become an expert at negotiating (and bribery)
  4.  You dread leaving the house to go anywhere:   If it normally takes you 10 minutes to get ready to go out the door, add about 5 hours (toddler mood depending) to give enough time for them to put on their own boots/hat/coat/mitts all by themselves, with no help.  
  5. You know all the words to every Wiggles song (and most actions too..):  I’m honestly considering making this into an aerobic workout to do 3 days a week. The actions to these songs are intensely energetic…I’ll be fit in no time!
  6. You automatically sit on the floor when chatting with any friends or family
  7. The house is on lockdown: It is now more difficult to break into the cupboard to get to my cleaning supplies than to rob a bank.  
  8. Sleep-ins are just a distant memory: Waking up at 7am is now the new sleep in.. this being said, parent bedtime is not much later than 9pm! (that’s my limit for pure exhaustion anyway..) 
  9. You have said “don’t drink the bath water” at least once a week
  10. You have said “don’t touch” at least 50 times a week
  11. You have become a human vending machine:  I now carry emergency snack supplies in my vehicle, purse, coat, etc!  It has been a saving grace on more than one occasion..
  12. All the lower shelves of bookcases/end tables are empty:  This is just smart.  Unless you like cleaning up glass from broken picture frames, and taking trips to emerg for stitches..
  13. You know all the characters and episodes of Peppa Pig and Dora the Explorer
  14. Bathtime is like the Perfect Storm:  toys and water, everywhere!
  15. You’ve stubbed your toe at least a million times on a toy, toybin, baby gate, etc
  16. You dread daylight savings time..
  17. You cry when reading the book, “I Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch 


Moms-feel free to add more to the list!

Until next time..T. xx

Reflection: Toddlerhood

As I compared pictures of Norah from last year to this year, I realized something- my little baby girl is not a little baby anymore!  Where did that time go?  It feels like yesterday I was carrying her everywhere with me, propping her up with pillows so she could practice sitting, spoon feeding her pureed foods, and (I miss this the most) swaddling her and rocking her to sleep.



Honestly- where did that time go?


In what seems like a blur of time, Norah now insists on doing everything on her own.  Her independence in one year astonishes me!!  Bedtime now consists of HER reading to US at least 3 stories (or the same story 3 times..). She only wants to use a fork at dinner (a spoon is so last year), even if it takes an hour to eat 15 peas.  She has to put her boots on with no help, brush her hair with no help (and all of ours-including the dogs),  and go up and down the stairs with no help!

Um hello…am I not needed anymore?  


The good news is- she has replaced all of the joys that she brought to us as a baby with new, different joys!   She talks a mile a minute- and her little voice is so adorable!  She has gone from unpronounceable words to full sentences in the blink of an eye!   Always asking us questions and imitating our phrases.

She also is mimicking our parenting actions.   I saw her scold Josh with her little pointy finger one day (it is hard not to laugh at those moments) and she now does her complete bedtime routine for her little dolly each night (changing diaper, doing her hair, reading stories, putting on bedtime music)- so cute!

As she continues to change, so do Josh and I as parents.  Trying to evolve as she does.  We are definitely in uncharted territory right now.  Just as we became “baby experts”, Norah transitioned into an entire different realm:  Toddlerhood.


This is an entire new world to us. For example, we now have to watch what we say at all times (you never realize how much you swear until a child repeats your every word)!  We also have started to hide eating certain snacks (ie chocolate, popcorn) because let’s face it- kids always want to eat what we are eating! (admit it parents- we aren’t the only ones hiding the junkfood!) 

and can we talk about temper tantrums for a moment?  WOW.   I love my daughter with all my heart, even when her little face turns red and her tiny lungs are screeching at me.  Most of these outbursts are due to the difficulty in communicating at that age.  She was an early talker so thankfully those tantrums will be short-lived.


But then there is the power struggle tantrum.  Battle of the family- Parents vs kid.  Who will give in first!  These are the tough tantrums.  The ones where Josh and I have to help each other to not throw in the towel!  Survival of the fittest.   (I fear these will last a lifetime…..)

There are so many other elements of toddlerhood to expand on, but I think the most important highlight of this stage is the bond we have with Norah and how our love grows each day.



Next up- potty training….  until next time, T. xx



DIY: Pom Pom Game (for Toddlers)

I have discovered Norah’s new found current passion:  POM POMS.  I think it is safe to say that everyone remembers these when we were kids.  There was always a craft that involved those small puff balls- using a popsicle stick to spread the glue, and pasting them onto a piece of paper- now that was art!

Well, Norah and I had gone to the dollar store before her doctor appointment one day to buy some stickers, (another little obsession of hers) and the moment she spotted those pom poms, she would not let them go.   This is where the love story begins.


She carries her little pom poms everywhere she goes.  When eating meals, she watches them sitting on the table until she is finished, then back in her hands they go.  I have learnt that they are a great bargaining tool as well!   It is normally a 20 minute battle to get her coat on after daycare each day, but now, she puts that coat on quickly and sticks her little hands out for those pom poms!

So I browsed pinterest for some pom pom crafts and games and found so many that I may have to start a board solely for pom poms! I decided to try this game called “Pom Pom Drop” as it was easy, cheap and fast to make!

All you need are the following materials:

-empty coffee can (with lid)

-knife (or scissors)

-pom poms

Cut a slit (small hole) in the lid of the can, and let your toddler push each pom pom through the hole.  That is it! (I’m serious, quickest craft ever)  .  It is that simple (and cheap), and my daughter was captivated for hours! This is great practice for fine motor skills too!


We of course took it to the next level, and decorated the can with stickers!  (That made this game last even longer)


Until next time…xx