Garden fresh!!

Well, I finally got my hair done!!! It had been awhile… I love my hairdresser- and she had just moved to a house on the lake so it was time to visit her new place!

When I got there, I noticed her giant garden in the backyard! It was full of potatoes, zucchini, peppers, and a LOT of romaine lettuce! 

After a great night night of catching up (and going blonder…), she sent me home with a whole whack of romaine lettuce! 

So, here is the summer meal tonight: chicken burger with cheese, salsa and tomatoes, with a giant romaine lettuce salad (with tomatoes, cucumbers, balsamic vinegar and vinegar!) 

YUM!!!!! you can taste how fresh the lettuce is!!!

Until next time… T.xx

Wellness Challenges


I’ve decided to try some wellness challenges in hopes to form some good habits!  I am trying two challenges each for body, mind and soul, and so far, I am feeling pretty good!  I have been doing a few of these for some time, and some I am just starting now.  The goal is to just continue being a better me!



Drink 2 Glass of Water First Thing:

The first challenge is what inspired this all.  One blog that I follow is doing weekly wellness challenges and the first one was to drink 2 glasses of water first thing in the morning daily.   As easy as this sounds, certain days were difficult to get that second glass in before eating or chasing after my toddler.  Needless to say, I almost do it habitually every morning now and it has only been two weeks!  By starting off the day hydrated, I feel less urgent for coffee (don’t get me wrong, I still have that cup or two), but I feel active and ready to take on the day!


Take Vitamins Daily:

When I returned to work after my maternity leave (and Norah went into daycare), the entire family was sick for 3 months straight.  One of the best ways to avoid sickness is rest-but if I could not help my exhaustion (returning to work after a year and a half with a baby to care for was extremely tiring), then what else could I do?  Well, I started to take vitamins.

One is a multivitamin (from Costco-cheap and contained extra B vitamins which I definitely needed)-I sometimes take this every other day.   I also take 1000mg of Vitamin C a day.  This vitamin has prevented a lot of colds, and when I am sick, I seem to fight through the cold faster.  If I am feeling run down, I take 1000mg in morning and 1000mg at night.  Trust me-it works!!

The last pill I take is a flax seed oil pill— this has helped my psoriasis immensely and it makes my hair shiny and healthier!lucyvitamins

I find now a days, we cannot rely on food  alone to obtain our nutrients.  I have been taking vitamins for 7 months diligently and it has really made a difference!  Norah is also taking a multivitamin (tri-vi-sol by Enfamil) and I have noticed a difference with her immune system too!



No Smartphone after 8PM:

The first challenge was again from a blog that I follow, and it was to not use the smartphone after 8pm each night.   This is an amazing idea, as I am really starting to not like the dependency our generation has on technology!  So for some nights, it was fairly easy to not reach for my phone, as I am usually exhausted after a day at work and having a toddler (and cooking and housework somewhere mixed in).  Other nights when I did take some time to relax, I found myself reaching for my phone while watching tv or taking a bath.


Well, it has been over a week and I am really enjoying my phone-free time!   I am reading more- which I love to do, but never make the time!  Generally, I feel like I am putting my evenings to better use!  I still go onto social media, pinterest, etc- but once 8pm hits, I unplug and enjoy the rest of my night!

And the hugest outcome of this (being a person with anxiety that tends to struggle with falling asleep from time to time), is that I fall asleep a lot faster and actually sleep better most nights!


Write Two Blogs a Week:

I am really starting to enjoy blogging-regardless if anyone reads this or not-and now I have set this little goal of trying to write two blogs per week.  This keeps me focused on something fun outside of work that stimulates my mind and keeps me learning and writing!

I have been trying to do this for the past couple of weeks and surprisingly, I have enough topics and thoughts to keep up with this goal!  I am curious as to how far I will keep this challenge up!



Singing at Church Weekly:

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I have started to sing weekly at my church.  This has been so healing for my soul.  In the past month, I have only missed one week due to some other engagements, but have continued to go to my weekly practices to stay on top of the songs we are learning!

This challenge has changed my life completely.  I am involved in something that makes me feel good, and it brings me to church weekly- giving me that one hour to reflect and regroup!  This has been one of the most fulfilling life changes, and I hope to keep doing this- even as life becomes busier and busier!



As I am a Christian, the main meditation for me is praying.  I have really slacked on this, and need to get back on track.  This form of meditation for me is extremely important for my anxiety and my worries each day.  So I hope to start once a day again-maybe not a rosary each time, but at least to thank God every evening.  It really brings life into a better perspective, and I would like to teach Norah this as well-perhaps it will provide comfort and give her a place to go when she is frustrated or worried.

pray more worry less

I also am trying to do yoga 3 times a week.  I would not say that this is a meditation in where I am praying to something/someone, but by doing this practice, I am teaching my mind to focus on the actions and moves rather than thinking of everything going through my mind.  It sort of puts all my thoughts on pause (and the exercise reduces stress and improves my mood).  Currently, depending on the week, I have been doing yoga 2-4 times, so 3 times a week is meeting in the middle as a good solid goal.


Well that is enough challenges for me!  Phew- I’m tired, but excited!!

What are some challenges you have tried?   What are some that you continue to do to this day?

Until next time..T. xx



Portebello Mushrooms-Omelette style

There are so many recipes out there with portebello mushrooms!  As breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, I browsed some ideas and came up with the Omelette-stuffed Portebello Mushroom.


-4 portebello mushrooms

-3 eggs

-dill, rosemary, basil, salt and pepper spices

-grape tomatoes


-olive oil


preheat oven to 300 degrees

1. scoop out gills (and stems- I kept mine in because the mushrooms were a little flimsy already)

2.put mushrooms on greased pan

3. drizzle insides with olive oil

4. sprinkle spices inside

5. scramble the eggs and pour in evenly

6. i added quartered grape tomatoes (and I would have added spinach, but I am all out)

7. grate a little cheese on top!

8. bake for 15 minutes, then broil on high for 5 minutes

YUM! until next time… T. xx

Yoga and Aging- excerpt from Goop

Below is an excerpt from the Goop site about Yoga and Aging.  A very interesting read that I just had to share- I suggest everyone check this out!  -T.  xx


Photo by Brigitte Sire Can Yoga Affect the Way We Age?: 7 Days of GOOP CLEAN BEAUTY GOOP CLEAN BEAUTY goop, $30 Our new book, GOOP CLEAN BEAUTY, is all about beauty from the inside out, from clean eating, beauty sleep, detoxifying sweat sessions, regimens to keep your adrenals and hormones in balance, and nighttime…

via Can Yoga Affect the Way We Age?: 7 Days of GOOP CLEAN BEAUTY — Goop

Epsom Salts Bath-is there a purpose?

I don’t know if it is the weather, my increase in work outs, or just that I am getting older, but my body is a lot more achy than it used to be! So I started to research ways to relieve muscle pains and I found Epsom salts!  This salt is actually a mineral that contains magnesium and is named after a town in England called Epsom, where it is found in its natural springs.  (note:Magnesium has multiple benefits including the relief of chronic pain)


Epsom salts have been used throughout time as a laxative when ingested, and today are used for things like sitz baths and aiding the removal of a sliver. epsom

In the past, I had used Epsom salts for an ingrown toenail and it worked really well!   It relieved some pressure and kept the infection down- although the antibiotics helped with the majority of the healing.

A lot of articles suggested that it is a great detox tool as well.  By soaking in an Epsom salts bath, the magnesium seeps through the skin and detoxifies our body.  This got me really intrigued.  As I continued to research, I began to find many controversies about whether it has been scientifically proven or if this is a folk remedy passed down through generations.(never read the first thing you see on the internet!)

So the question still remains, can Epsom salts detoxify and  heal aching muscles while soaking in a bath?

The more research I did, the more discouraged I got.  It all came down to this question- can this mineral actually absorb through the skin?  A lot of articles said no due to the fact that our skin has a protective barrier that blocks the minerals from absorbing. 

There was one research study done proving it can be absorbed however it was never published therefore technically not proven (a lot of websites base their theory on the benefits of Epsom salts on this study). 


ABC news released an article in 2015 –The Truth About Epsom Salts -stating that epsom salts only provide a placebo affect due to lack of research.

I also found this article, Does Epsom Salt Work?, that has a more scientific approach on why the baths do not detoxify.

Unfortunately the conclusion is that an Epsom salts bath does not actually HEAL aching muscles and it has not been scientifically proven yet that it is an actual detox method.

ted disappointed.gif

This being said, there have been many personal testimonies of these baths being healing both physically and mentally. 

So I had a few Epsom salts baths to test these theories for myself.  The Epsom salts forced me to relax in a bath for longer than I probably would make time for which allowed me to relieve stress.  I was so focused on allowing the salts to work, that I would read, listen to music, whatever it took to stay in the bath!   It basically lowered my stress levels, which made me feel healthier and happier!  

Another benefit I noticed was that my skin improved-the severity of my psoriasis had lessened.  Again, this could be due to the lower stress levels (stress is so harmful for our bodies!)

Candlelit bubble bath

I found some personal health benefits by taking these baths, so you decide! Does an Epsom Salts Bath heal you? xx






BBG Mom Blog

Two years ago, I was deeply invested in living a fit life. I was eating well, walking the dogs daily, and using Kayla Itsine’s BBG (bikini body guide) program.

This program is amazing- it can be done at home (with minimal equipment required), and does not take long to complete the exercises! It focuses on building and toning your muscles- and I was starting to look and feel good!

15 months ago, I became pregnant and had to stop the program. I continued walking and yoga- but I was still out of shape after my daughter was born.
 (41 wks pregnant) 

I also had had a c section- which I do not wish on anyone! Not only did I have to learn how to be a first time mom, but I had to recover from a major surgery at the same time!

My only form of exercise was walking during this recovery. Even light core exercises hurt.  My ab muscles were affected by the c section, so I couldn’t just start building muscle right away.  I have had to wait while my damaged muscles slowly repaired themselves.

It has now been almost 6 months, and I can finally begin BBG again! I am at the end of week 3, and I already feel more toned, energetic, and fit again! I hope to show my progress at the end of 12 weeks with a transformation photo- so stay tuned!

Check out Kayla’s website here:

Kayla Itsines- Sweat with Me

You can also follow her on instagram (kayla_itsines) and other social media too! She also just recently came out with an app for the iphone.

There is an entire BBG community out there too! I follow a few women on social media who have completed incredible transformations- they are truly inspiring and keep me motivated!  I also find some great healthy recipes through this community!

Until next blog.. get fit and God Bless! xx