DIY Christmas Gifts

Looking for a really unique gift to give someone for Christmas? Below are a few DIY gifts that anyone is guaranteed to like!

1. Recipe Holder

I love this so much I want to make one for myself! It has a great vintage look and it hardly costs a thing.

 Recipe Holder instructions and credit Here

2. Personalized Mugs:

This is great for any coffee, tea or hot chocolate lover! Throw in a bag of fresh coffee beans, or a mini bag of marshmellows as an added touch!
 Personalized Mugs instructions and credit here

3. Jewelry Holder:

This is a cute gift- easy to make with many stylish options to customize!

Jewelry Holder instructions and credit here

4. Sewing kit in a jar: 

I have been seeing a lot of “in a jar” homemade gifts recently but this one is one of my favourites!
 Sewing Kit instructions and credit here

5. DIY Heat Pack:

This gift is great for sore muscles and headaches, and the patterns for the packs are endless allowing a personal touch!
 Heat Pack instructions and credit here

6. Beadboard Photo Display:

Out of all picture frames to make, this is my favourite! There are so many different stains and paints I want to try!
 Photo display instructions and credit here

7. Paint Chip Wall Art:

All you need is a frame and paint samples and you have art worthy of any wall!
 Paint Chip Wall Art instructions and credit here

8. Flavoured Salt Jars:

These flavoured salts are perfect for anyone who loves cooking in the kitchen!
 Flavoured Salt Recipe instructions and credit here

9. Chalkboard cheese stone:

Perfect for the wine lovers and so simple!!
  Chalkboard Cheese Stone instructions and credit here

10. Rustic Wood Shim Vase:

This is a beautiful gift that adds that perfect rustic touch!
 Rustic Wood Shim Vase instructions and credit here

God Bless xx

Gift Guide: For Her

Makeup: For the makeup lovers out there-Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette  Sephora

Blanket Scarf: I love these so much! There are so many ways to wear them!  Zara

Pandora Charm: There are some really cute Christmas charms out this year! 


Kate Spade New York Planner: I need this entire office collection in my life!


Purse: This Michael Kors large leather tote is at the top of my list for purses!  

 Michael Kors

Shoes: A woman can never have too many shoes! Check out these fringe booties: 

 Chinese Laundry

Hat: Walking in a Canadian winter wonderland requires some warm gear! I love this toque from Roots: 


Colouring Book: There is nothing like a glass of wine, some Netflix, and a colouring book to unwind after a long day! I love this collection: 


Bose Earbuds: Bose products provide the best quality. These earbuds are great for working out or jogging- not just for the sound, but they are a perfect fit too! 

 Best Buy

Skin Care Products: My sister introduced me to Paula’s Choice Products and though I am very skeptical of new skin products due to my sensitive skin, these products are absolutely amazing!  My favourite is this hydrating mask- especially during these winter months!  

 Paula’s Choice

Duvet/Quilt: Who needs a fresh facelift for your bedroom? This Rosette Quilt from Anthropologie is simply beautiful! 


Fur Vest: I love this look- so neat and classic!  


Midi Rings: These are so cute – wear just one or a set!  


Pyjamas: So cozy- pair with some warm slippers while curled up by the fire during these winter months!  I absolutely love Victoria Secrets’ entire PJ collection!  

 Victoria’s Secret
Happy Shopping! ~

God Bless xx

Gift Guide: 80th Birthday!

As my husband and I were brainstorming the perfect gift for his 80 year young grandmother, it dawned on me that this could be a helpful blog for the many others who struggle at coming up with unique gift ideas for their loved ones on such a significant birthday!

Many who are turning 80 have already been given everything they need/want.  So how to make this birthday special?

Here is a list of gifts that differ from the common gifts such as flowers, picture frames and other trinkets (I hope you find this as useful as I did!):

  1. New York Times “front page puzzles” (with date person was born) –
  2. Personalized photo items such as a pillow, blanket, or placemats
  3. Homemade Scrapbook/Memory Box: include articles, pictures from their childhood years, recipes, and personal stories of your time of them
  4. Coupons!  examples: a coffee date, a dinner out, a movie night, to play bingo together on a Saturday night
  5. Gift Baskets:  of favourite food/snacks, entertainment (games, books, puzzles), a cozy night in (blanket, socks, movies, tea)
  6. Greeting Card Folder:  decorate a folder with pockets and fill with nice greeting cards (birthday, anniversary, get well, sympathy) and include some postage stamps
  7. Gift Cards for a service such as window cleaning, snow removal, or food delivery
  8. Ipad (with free Ipad lesson) to videochat with their children, grandchildren, friends etc.
  9. Subscription to favourite magazine or newspaper
  10. Personalized Christmas ornaments of family pictures

giftbasket greetingcardfolder newspaperpuzzle personalizedpillow scrapbookpink