Time to Put The Gardening Gloves on!

So, I am a huge lover of plants (if you saw the inside of my house, you will find plants that are over 15 years old!), but I have never really tested out gardening.  I think my need to nurture and maintain has finally succeeded over my fear of failure!

This year, we haven’t been able to tackle much in terms of yard maintenance, but I finally decided it was time to remove the ugly grass patch in front of our bay window and plant a nice garden!


Thankfully Josh wanted that grass patch gone too- so he helped me remove all the grass, and he tilled the clay ground best he could.

Norah and I had a lot of fun picking out shrubs and flowers at our local greenhouse!

We were in a race to beat the rain this week, so I went out after work in the evenings to plant and rake the soil.

It is hard to tell now, but once these grow in the next couple of years, they will look beautiful!   We planted a few boxwoods, hostas, and ninebarks (I cannot wait to see those grow!) as well as a couple of ground covers (wooly thyme smells AMAZING btw)

Gardening is an amazing teacher for patience and care;  I look forward to maintaining this garden and teaching Norah too!  Plus, it gets us outside in that wonderful summer weather!

So, what outside projects are you working on?

Until next time..T. xx


DIY: Pom Pom Game (for Toddlers)

I have discovered Norah’s new found current passion:  POM POMS.  I think it is safe to say that everyone remembers these when we were kids.  There was always a craft that involved those small puff balls- using a popsicle stick to spread the glue, and pasting them onto a piece of paper- now that was art!

Well, Norah and I had gone to the dollar store before her doctor appointment one day to buy some stickers, (another little obsession of hers) and the moment she spotted those pom poms, she would not let them go.   This is where the love story begins.


She carries her little pom poms everywhere she goes.  When eating meals, she watches them sitting on the table until she is finished, then back in her hands they go.  I have learnt that they are a great bargaining tool as well!   It is normally a 20 minute battle to get her coat on after daycare each day, but now, she puts that coat on quickly and sticks her little hands out for those pom poms!

So I browsed pinterest for some pom pom crafts and games and found so many that I may have to start a board solely for pom poms! I decided to try this game called “Pom Pom Drop” as it was easy, cheap and fast to make!

All you need are the following materials:

-empty coffee can (with lid)

-knife (or scissors)

-pom poms

Cut a slit (small hole) in the lid of the can, and let your toddler push each pom pom through the hole.  That is it! (I’m serious, quickest craft ever)  .  It is that simple (and cheap), and my daughter was captivated for hours! This is great practice for fine motor skills too!


We of course took it to the next level, and decorated the can with stickers!  (That made this game last even longer)


Until next time…xx




DIY- Fairy in a Cage

I have been finding so many little diy house projects while browsing pinterest, but have not had the time to pick up the needed supplies for all of these great crafts that I seem to think I can do!

Stranded with no supplies, I was desperate to be creative!!  I am in no way a crafty person, but have been needing some sort of outlet these days while my basement is in construction mode.

As I sat in my living room wondering what I could do with just the items I have lying around, I spotted this birdcage I’ve had for a couple of years (I think purchased at Homesense).

It has awkwardly been sitting on a shelf, not tied to any decor theme; it was lonely.  Yet I just love its classic look, so I started brainstorming!

My daughter’s room is nature themed- soft pinks with white and beige neutrals, and a lot of wildlife! Owls, rabbits, deer, all of the woodland creatures.

She was also given an adorable fairy statue from her grandmaman (my mother in law) and I hadn’t figured out how to display it yet in her room.



A little side story- every year my mother in law makes a little fairy garden in her yard each spring.  Filled with little lights, fairies- it is so cute and magical.  Her and I have always bonded over our fascination of fairies.  This year Norah will be helping with the garden, so we are both excited for the tradition to continue!


That’s when I figured out what to make! A little cage for her fairy statue!  I had the letter N from a failed craft (I warned you that I am not crafty), some twine, a few little butterflies from my baby shower two years ago, and the statue!

It didn’t take much to make this, and when I hung it from a hook in my daughter’s room, it really added to the magical woodland feel!

Now, each time Norah walks in her room, she looks up and says, “wowwwww!” with gleaming eyes and it just warms my heart.   (Let’s ignore the fact that “wow” is one of her favourite phrases for anything right now…. lol)

Until next time!! xx

10 Clever Hacks using Rubber Bands

So, instead of adding to the steady flow of Valentine’s day ideas, I am posting completely at random today- about rubber bands.

 My mom has a wide collection of colourful rubber bands, and I ended up with a few in my possession.  The only issue is, what can I use them for? (Aside from the rubber band bouncy ball that everyone has made at some point or another)

 It turns out, there are a LOT of uses/hacks for rubber bands!  I had to narrow it down to 10 (the list honestly goes on and on)!


1. To keep clothes on hangers

2. To assist in a french manicure

3. To help  toddler proof the door knobs

4. DIY Vase— I love these in the gold!

5. To remove a stripped screw

6. To create a kleenex/garbage system for when one is sick (I love this idea!)

7. To control the paint on a brush

8. To open jars and nail polish bottles

9. To keep an apple from browning

10. to make grip for a drinking glass (ideal for young children!)

Well, I’m all stretched out of ideas so until next time..

 God Bless! xx

DIY Christmas Gifts

Looking for a really unique gift to give someone for Christmas? Below are a few DIY gifts that anyone is guaranteed to like!

1. Recipe Holder

I love this so much I want to make one for myself! It has a great vintage look and it hardly costs a thing.

 Recipe Holder instructions and credit Here

2. Personalized Mugs:

This is great for any coffee, tea or hot chocolate lover! Throw in a bag of fresh coffee beans, or a mini bag of marshmellows as an added touch!
 Personalized Mugs instructions and credit here

3. Jewelry Holder:

This is a cute gift- easy to make with many stylish options to customize!

Jewelry Holder instructions and credit here

4. Sewing kit in a jar: 

I have been seeing a lot of “in a jar” homemade gifts recently but this one is one of my favourites!
 Sewing Kit instructions and credit here

5. DIY Heat Pack:

This gift is great for sore muscles and headaches, and the patterns for the packs are endless allowing a personal touch!
 Heat Pack instructions and credit here

6. Beadboard Photo Display:

Out of all picture frames to make, this is my favourite! There are so many different stains and paints I want to try!
 Photo display instructions and credit here

7. Paint Chip Wall Art:

All you need is a frame and paint samples and you have art worthy of any wall!
 Paint Chip Wall Art instructions and credit here

8. Flavoured Salt Jars:

These flavoured salts are perfect for anyone who loves cooking in the kitchen!
 Flavoured Salt Recipe instructions and credit here

9. Chalkboard cheese stone:

Perfect for the wine lovers and so simple!!
  Chalkboard Cheese Stone instructions and credit here

10. Rustic Wood Shim Vase:

This is a beautiful gift that adds that perfect rustic touch!
 Rustic Wood Shim Vase instructions and credit here

God Bless xx

Necklace Holder


Necklace Holder- all that is needed is a towel rack (mine is a basic one from Canadian Tire) and some shower hooks!

For a more vintage look, try browsing some yard sales for an old fashioned rod iron towel rack!

(Im really starting to love pinterest and its wonderful spacesaving/organizational ideas!!)