Bedtime & Excuses…

*disclaimer notice* For all of you parents whose children go to bed angelically every single night of the week, you will not relate to this post………….. 


Well… it’s happened.  Norah has begun the “stalling for bedtime” phase.    I’ve started to notice the changes;  the slow walks to the bedroom, forgetting something in the living room, asking for more than the 3 stories that we read her… etc  (note: I have to switch up the stories now so that she doesn’t notice me skipping pages to hurry the bedtime along… shhh)


Once Norah is in her crib, (we have not switched to a bed yet… and now I’m scared to) and the lights are out– the bedtime excuses/requests start rolling in.  And they all begin with “Mommy! wait!”

here we go

Here are some examples (the amount in a night can vary…):

  • kiss a “boo-boo” (from 3 weeks ago..)
  • request for water (at least 4 times)
  • cold facecloth for forehead (now up to 3 cloths, one for each hand)
  • needs to be tucked in (again)
  • her dolly needs to be tucked in
  • needs a kleenex for her runny nose
  • couldn’t reach her soother (that was thrown across the room…….)
  • her nightlight stuffed animal is broken (batteries died..)
  • her fingernail hurts (and then requests the nail clippers)
  • her foot is itchy
  • she wants to watch t.v.
  • needs the Dora book, not the Curious George book
  • she can’t find “Yoo-Yoon” (the name of her stuffed Loon….almost as important as her blanky, so a worthy crisis)
  • there’s a mosquito in the room
  • request for milk
  • she needs to feed her dolly

 As I type this out, I realize I have been more than lenient once or twice 🙄😒, but hey, I’m not a perfect parent…especially when I’m tired! 

Does anyone else have these experiences?  Any funny requests while your child is stalling bedtime?  Please share!  Let’s all laugh and survive parenthood together…

Until next time..T. xx


Through a Toddler’s Eyes..

Now that Norah is transforming into this tiny little human, I am really noticing what that ‘innocence of a child’ phrase truly means.


Her thoughts and observances are so simple.  “Mommy, look- the sky is blue!”  She was SO excited to show me that this morning, and even more thrilled that a crow flew by while we were looking up.  “A bird mommy! a bird!!! it’s FFLY-ing!” (she emphasizes her pronunciation sometimes.. almost like she is teaching me the word… so adorable)   

Well to me- I was not thrilled to see the pesky bird that is constantly scattering our garbage all over the road on garbage day…



But to Norah–this was exciting/amazing/beautiful!   A black bird flying in the blue sky;  a simplistic picture of her view from our front door.



I wonder how less stressful our lives would be if we removed a lot of the complicated thoughts and emotions, and observed life like a toddler.

Obviously we cannot be ignorant to the world around us now that we are adults and are aware of issues such as global warming, pollution, forest fires, war.

However, on days I feel overwhelmed in my adult life, I find it very refreshing to look through my toddler’s eyes- to remind us of the simple beauty surrounding us;  to remind us of how exciting it is to discover new things/ideas; to remind us of what truely makes us happy;  to remind us to be silly and laugh often..



P.S. Rock discovery never gets old….

Until next time..T. xx






Plants Plants Plants!

I think I have mentioned before how much I just LOVE plants and how it is becoming a hobby (which I feel are important to have!), but I definitely am still a rookie when it comes to growing plants in and outdoors.  What I am really starting to love is the constant learning and the community of plant lovers!


I visited my parents this past weekend–my mom definitely has the talent; a natural greenthumb!  I wish I had taken pictures of her flower garden, vegetable garden, and the assorted indoor plants throughout the house.  Among so many, she has 13 orchids that bloom at different times of the year!  She taught me a lot about which indoor plants need east sun, south sun–there is so much to know!

On Sunday, Josh and I visited friends of ours who we hadn’t seen in awhile, and when we got there, the first thing I noticed was all the containers of plants, vegetables, flowers, in the front and back yard!  Our friend is a natural botanist and it shows!  She had multiple types of lettuce, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, flowers, etc etc etc (again, I wish I had taken pictures!) 

What I am loving about the planting community, is the sharing of knowledge and plants!  She gave me romaine lettuce, purple lettuce, and kale plants and taught me how to trim them, how much sun they need etc..I am VERY excited about this!   So in return, I gave her an ivy plant (my mom and I on the weekend found a good deal on ivys and aloe vera so naturally I stocked up) as they are great indoor plants to have!

  note: a lot of my pots are from the dollar store!  I love shopping for new planting pots

Anyway, I just thought I would share my garden-themed experiences this past week..


Until next time..T. xx