Time to Put The Gardening Gloves on!

So, I am a huge lover of plants (if you saw the inside of my house, you will find plants that are over 15 years old!), but I have never really tested out gardening.  I think my need to nurture and maintain has finally succeeded over my fear of failure!

This year, we haven’t been able to tackle much in terms of yard maintenance, but I finally decided it was time to remove the ugly grass patch in front of our bay window and plant a nice garden!


Thankfully Josh wanted that grass patch gone too- so he helped me remove all the grass, and he tilled the clay ground best he could.

Norah and I had a lot of fun picking out shrubs and flowers at our local greenhouse!

We were in a race to beat the rain this week, so I went out after work in the evenings to plant and rake the soil.

It is hard to tell now, but once these grow in the next couple of years, they will look beautiful!   We planted a few boxwoods, hostas, and ninebarks (I cannot wait to see those grow!) as well as a couple of ground covers (wooly thyme smells AMAZING btw)

Gardening is an amazing teacher for patience and care;  I look forward to maintaining this garden and teaching Norah too!  Plus, it gets us outside in that wonderful summer weather!

So, what outside projects are you working on?

Until next time..T. xx



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