From one #momblog to another

I have been wanting to write something in ages, and bc I am just so exhausted from work, house, toddler and unreal exhaustion from what our family is going through right now, there can be a sense of loneliness that can happen..

and frustration. Im too tired to write, but writing gives me peace.

Read this post below; I know this girl. And she is hilarious. and parents need laughter when facing the reality of parenthood.

Laura summed up toddlerhood/parenthood so well! I enjoyed this read. It was what I needed- thanks Laura!!!! XO ☺️❤️

Laura’s blog post


2 thoughts on “From one #momblog to another

  1. Hey girly! I totally understand the sentence “writing gives me peace” and I also understand being absolutely to tired to even think about lifting a finger to type! However … you need to do what makes you happy too girl! Being a Mommy doesn’t mean not being a person, we Mumma’s are people too! Make sure you put aside a few minutes a day to do what YOU enjoy! Maybe right after the kids fall asleep or while they are entertaining themselves, sitting on a park bench …. anywhere Mama! 🙂 good luck and thanks for the post it was great!


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