Toddler Tuesday: Morning Challenge

Lately, it has been quite the struggle to get Norah out the door in the mornings.


I have tried a few tricks already, like rhyming off the morning routine when she wakes up so there are no surprises for her, however she still pushes back when asked to put her shoes and coat on.


One desperate morning, I happen to come across an article posted on facebook by one of my friends:

The One Thing Parents Can Do to Make Mornings Smoother

The point of this article (I hope you take some time to read it!) is to emotionally connect with your child before trying to reason with them-starting with when they wake up!  I think this is a great practice, that can be used throughout the years!

Although the article made it sound easy, I had high doubts of this working for my strong-willed toddler.  Regardless, each morning for the past week, as I heard Norah wake up, I went into her room, climbed into her crib (looking forward to her having a bed!) and lay down with her.  I gave her hugs, rubbed her back, or we chatted about all of her stuffed animals in the room.


Those 5-8 minutes spent lying in bed with her has honestly saved 20 minutes of struggle when heading out the door!  She did not argue with me about getting her shoes on (except on the type of shoes she wanted to wear- but I choose my battles…) or getting into the vehicle.

It is a good reminder to take a step back from the rush of life to love those around us, to slow down and connect.  I highly recommend you try this challenge and let me know how it works for you! (This could work with spouses too!)

Now to tackle a more complicated (and equally as frustrating) topic- Bedtime!  But that is for another blog…

Until next time..T. xx



Toddler Tuesday-Behaviour & Self Care

I have come across a very important lesson in parenting that I really want to share.  It honestly has answered a lot of questions on “how do I parent my child”…

A child’s #1 learning tool is our behaviour.  Children learn by observing how we treat ourselves and others, how we handle situations, how we react.  There is no special club, no top secret tip– it is simply OUR behaviour that will help our children grow into courageous, compassionate adults!


Toddlerhood has been a HUGE eye opener for this.  At this stage, Norah is just starting to learn how to process/express emotions and feelings, mainly by watching Josh and I:  if we are adaptable, how we handle stress, how we learn from failure, how we appreciate, how we love.


There is a bit of pressure in that.  This is the responsibility parents should take very seriously!


sidenote: I totally chose that GIF because it was Chris Pratt.. lol…. you are welcome ladies!

This really has me analyzing myself as an individual too.  How DO I handle stress?  How do I calm myself down to think clearly?  How do I show love?


Yesterday, Norah had a temper tantrum worthy of a guinness world record, and I definitely did not handle the situation the way I wanted to.  I lost my patience.  I lost my model behaviour.  I was weak.  Why?  The answer is simple- I am lacking in self-care.   


Before I had Norah, I had a lot of spare time…but now, any spare time is often filled with chores and errands, and I have stopped making even a sliver of time for myself.   I began to think, ‘my family is the most important-I have to put them first’ or ‘that’s the sacrifice of being a mom’.

The truth is- we ALL need self-care to grow as individuals and to continue to love ourselves! (and to RECHARGE!)  


Just recently, I started planning some upcoming painting/organizing projects (stay tuned- I am very excited!!) and am FINALLY starting to work on decorating the house, one room at a time!  I cannot wait to dedicate some evenings for this!!   Yes, I will probably have to sacrifice some housework, but to put some music on and do something that is passionate to me will be some major self-care for this mama!!


So my advise today, on this toddler tuesday– is take time for yourself.  Even if it is just for 15 minutes. (errands and bathroom breaks do not count!)  Take a bath, put some photos in an album, paint a picture, build a table, write a blog, whatever you want to do!  Obviously there will be those days of complete exhaustion, but do not ignore the importance of self-care!!

Until next time..T. xx



May the 4th Be With You!

Today is an important day…….for Star Wars fans- and as a huge fan, I of course had to collaborate a little tribute to the Star Wars legacy! 

 It started as a play on the phrase, “May the Force Be With You”, and has grown to be an iconic day for Star Wars fans all over the world!


Pre-kid, I would dedicate this day to a full Star Wars movie marathon!   That obviously would be impossible to achieve today, however Josh and I will attempt ONE movie, even if we fall asleep! (it’s the attempt that counts)  

 I also have been playing the soundtracks all day-while commuting, and working in my office.  Trying to celebrate any way I can!

If you could only watch one Star Wars movie today-which one would it be?

May The 4th Be With You!!

Until next time..T. xx

Toddler snack-Unicorn Cones!

I have been following Real Girl’s Kitchen (and I have her recipe book too!) for a long time now.  She is an AMAZING cook and comes up with the most delicious recipes!

It is even more perfect because we both have kids the same age, so she is always trying to find fun recipes just as I am for the toddler age!

I cannot wait to try these, maybe this weekend! (see blog below)

Now that Ryan is two, I am always looking for healthy snacks that have a fun twist to them! She loves bright colors and sugary things- like cookies and ice cream! Obviously I can’t give the girl cookies and ice cream at every whim!! However, I can give her an ice cream cone with a…

via Unicorn Fruit Cones — Real Girl’s Kitchen