Farewell to Winter…

Well, here we are mid-March, and even though in my town it has been -30 degrees Celsius the past few days, I honestly feel spring in the air!  The days are getting longer, the sun even feels a bit brighter.  We still have a lot of snow, but I know the grass underneath is eager to grow and spring is ready to make its transformation!

Whenever a season ends, I find myself somewhat nostalgic.   I reflect on the past season, and dream up plans for the upcoming one.  I think back to last year during this time, and compare with this year.. It’s like I need to finalize that chapter before starting a new one.

This past winter was spent really appreciating our families-appreciating the time we have together as life is short.  I found myself having great discussions with my mom about her past and our heritage (I am half Ukrainian) and I am so grateful for that knowledge that I can now pass on to Norah.  I also have been learning a lot from Josh’s mom- Josh’s childhood, her childhood- stories that should be written down and permanently captured!

Our life has comparatively changed in one year.  Last winter we had a wonderful Christmas. Josh’s parents slept over and we all celebrated Norah’s first Christmas together, matching red and black plaid pajamas and all! Josh, Norah and I then spent our first time in a hotel together as we adventured to North Bay to celebrate Christmas there with my family.  So many wonderful memories.

This winter has been different.  Josh’s mom became seriously ill in August, so these winter months have been very quiet.  We have been facing challenges and emotions that we have never had to deal with before- which has tested our Faith, the strength of our marriage, and for Josh especially- personal trials of hardship.

Thankfully, there still has been laughter and many fun-filled family gatherings  (which I tried to capture on film to create permanent memories).   Raclette dinners with my family, game/movie nights with my husband, spontaneous evenings with friends.. but one memory really stands out to me the most- Christmas Eve morning.  

What started off as a morning coffee visit at Josh’s Uncle’s house became an impromptu pyjama party, with many family members popping in to say hello throughout the day.  Josh’s mom was pretty under the weather that day, but there she was (she is such a trooper), with us all, laughing at Norah’s little charismatic attitude and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.  I really feel everyone needed that boost that day.  I saw it in my husband’s eyes-a glimpse of happiness through the clouds of worry and stress.

So winter has had its challenges, but we managed to fill the gaps with laughter, love, memories, family, friends…and now it’s time to say goodbye to winter! 

As for spring- I think I will write about that once I see green grass, dry pavement, and unfrozen lakes!

Until next time..T. xx




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