International Women’s Day

As today is International Women’s day, I feel I should write about it.  “It” not being about equality between male and female, or about women’s rights.  Those are very important topics, but there is something I would like to add.   I’d like to address an issue that myself as a woman has been experiencing a lot these days.

I am a full-time working professional. I went to University, got a degree, and have been working at the same company for the past 10 years.  I work for a mining company which, like most “male-oriented” industries these days, actually employs a lot of women.  There are still some challenges working in the mining industry and I still find myself having to prove myself professionally- not just to the men, but to the women I work with too!

I have been doing the same role for the past 8 out of the 10 years at my company, and I am a very hard worker.  Until this year (I’m still trying to figure out my professional/mom balance), I used to stay late, work weekends, and always find ways to help my team.  I have put in my time (and then some) and gained a lot of experience, yet, at times, I don’t feel equal among my female peers.

With women, I find there is a competitiveness against each other that arises in the workplace.  And working for a small company, it is very easy to feel excluded.  We should be supportive of each other and encouraging success together!


The other half of my life is motherhood.  What an eye opener!  I have never witnessed so much judgement or felt so much pressure than I have in the past 2 years on the topic of being a “good” mother.  Again, women making other women feel unequal.

There are so many opinions today on how to raise your child- breastfeed or formula, private or public daycare, co sleep or bassinet;  What is the “correct” sleep training method?  What is the “proper” disciplinary method?

As a new mother, I am more stressed no thanks to all the articles, opinions, and studies out there.   Who cares if my daughter was formula fed, is in a private daycare, and sleeps in a crib?  She is a happy child thriving on life!  

Being a mother is by far the toughest job, in my opinion!  Most days it is about surviving, and it is even more hard to try and survive alone.  There should be zero judgement and only support, because motherhood is not easy, especially through the tough times (and there are many)!


Basically, my fight today is for women to support other women.  To encourage each other.  To help each other.  To set a good example to our children and to represent women proudly.  



Anyway…just my thoughts. 

Until next time..T. xx



2 thoughts on “International Women’s Day

  1. The way we change this and I hope I do a good job at this is teaching our daughters not to judge ( hard to do when your judgie of everyone) that other girl but help her with whatever you can.


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