Normally,  I prep my entries before I post a blog.  I work on it, leave it for a bit, go back and tweek it.  The reason being that I always like to have things prepared and planned…which ironically is the opposite of my life at the moment- nothing seems to be going as planned and I can’t seem to be prepared enough for the curve balls thrown my way. 

Tonight, I’m taking a different approach.  I am switching it up and sitting here until I have posted this blog!  (ok, I may have to take some breaks, but I’m going to try and keep it unedited at least!) 

I have no real point to this post either, I am simply writing for the sake of writing.. (definitely out of my comfort zone.. but isn’t that what we need sometimes?)

I guess I could write about last night..  Well, I had full intent on getting a good night’s sleep last night (first mistake). Alarm was set for 5am, I had my lunch made, toddler asleep, and laundry folded.  Off to bed! 

Norah woke up at midnight.  I couldn’t tell what was wrong, but in hindsight, I am pretty sure she was just reacting to Josh’s new job this week (he is gone before we wake up now) and the change in routine. 

We stayed up until 1:30am cuddling on the chair.. I finally had to put my foot down and put her back in the crib so not to risk being completely exhausted for work the next day! (too late..) 

I crawl back into bed and she immediately starts screaming-she wants to cuddle all night.  How do I stay awake all day and all night? 

All of a sudden, I hear my dog, Miley walk into Norah’s room.  Norah sniffles, “Go Miney…. go!” (she calls Miley ‘Miney’) But Miley lies down next to the crib and waits it out.  Norah continues to cry a bit longer (at one point inbetween cries she coughs and says ‘Bless you’ to herself…. I couldn’t help but chuckle) and then falls asleep.  Then Miley got up and walked back into our room and lay down on her bed. 

I could not believe it! Miley actually helped put Norah to bed.  It was straight out of a Disney movie!(with more screaming and crying)

I still had a rough sleep afterwards due to weather and nightmares- I feel I only slept two hours.  But I am forever grateful for the little things in life, like Miley stepping in when I was too exhausted. (she got extra dog treats this morning)

I follow a really amazing girl’s blog, and tonight she posted such an insightful phrase that I just need to repeat it:

I was pretty anxious tonight, but after writing this and praying with Norah earlier (what a humbling experience that was!), I am feeling a bit better! And now, I am going to bed! 

Until next time..T. xx


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