Then Sings My Soul…

Rather than blogging about Ash Wednesday and the upcoming Lent season, I thought I would take a different approach this time of year.  We are often focused on things like fasting- but I find that is an improper use of Lent now a days in a society where the entire media system is focused on “skinny” and “thin”.

I was told that Lent isn’t just a time for sacrifices-so why not focus on the gifts we have been given?

My mom told me once that God gave each one of us gifts to share with the world.  She said,  ‘They are not for us alone, but to serve Him and other people’.


I always wondered- do I have gifts and do I just keep them to myself?

Well, I love to write.  I am not sure why- maybe it’s because I am a big talker and there isn’t always someone there to listen, or maybe living in a big family, it is sometimes hard to be heard-who knows!   Bottom line, I learnt to use writing as my outlet. I have been writing poems, short stories, and lyrics for as long as I can remember.  I also have kept a daily journal since I was about 9.   It has gotten more difficult to write daily these days as my spare time has decreased significantly, but this blog has stepped in its place as my new writing retreat.  It is more public than I am used to (I have not shared much of my other literature), but it still has been fun and rejuvenating.

and then there’s music.  Music is my heart and soul.   The feeling I get when I play piano and/or sing is indescribable.


I have been playing the piano since I was 4-and I haven’t stopped.    I tried other instruments throughout the years-guitar, violin, saxophone- but the piano is a strong part of me and always will be.  As I progressed through my lessons, I started to write songs.  I evolved to singing and playing and even recording (at home, extremely low budget, the cheapest of cheapest).  I’ve played in a band, sang in a few choirs, but never any full commitments.  And as life fast forwarded, I stopped playing and singing-only to dabble here and there in my spare time. *moms-insert laughter now..*


Anyway, back to the point of this blog:  God works in mysterious ways– meaning, we never know why He does something, but there is always something to learn from it…

Well this past while, I was at a social event with my husband, and we ended up at our friends’ house afterwards for a nightcap.  They happened to have two pianos at that house, and next thing you know, my friend and I are playing, singing, harmonizing until 2am!  It felt great! (not so great the next morning…thanks to those nightcaps)


This dear friend of mine happens to be highly involved at our local church-she sings and plays the piano every week.  She’s got a voice of an angel- and has really listened to her calling.

One day, she asked if I wanted to get involved.   I hesitated.  I am not one to “get involved” in much of anything, let alone sing in public-especially just her and I!

As I tried to decide-to sing or not to sing-I wondered..maybe God was sending me a message.  There are a lot of things happening in my life right now-things I cannot control and things that are causing added stress and anxiety.   Maybe I am really needing this singing outlet-maybe it will be healing. (It is also something social, which I need as an extrovert)godworks

So I took a leap-I sang one week, one Mass, just once.  The feeling I got was overwhelming- I felt refreshed, stronger, happier- I was doing something I loved, and sharing it with the world.  It was healing AND empowering!


I am going to start taking that little leap more often.   Even if it is just sharing a song or poem on this blog (the followers are minimal which makes me falsely brave)...hey, it’s a start!

Search for those gifts inside you– and use them to the fullest!   It is truly a healing experience, and has brought me strength in my day to day life!

Until next time..T. xx





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