Reflection: Be Still & Know

One bible verse that has always helped me through my anxiety is Psalms 46:10-


For me, it is hard to be still.  To stop my every day motions and whirlwind thoughts, and to simply reflect and have faith that God has got this.  He has our backs.  We may not see why things happen or what the course of His actions are, but there are reasons and we just have to have faith.


Rather than reflect on the ups and downs of this past week, I want to reflect on how this past Sunday, my family and I went to church and took one hour to be still (even Norah tried as much as she could for a toddler…. lol).  My mother in law, battling a grueling cancer right now, and suffering horribly painful side effects from her treatments, gathered strength to go be with God for that one hour the night before we went. When I had heard she had gone to church, I knew I had no excuse.

That one hour of reflection helped me refocus- to put everything in God’s hands, and I felt rejuvenated.  God’s got this!



After church that Sunday morning, my family and I decided to enjoy this wonderful weekend- we spent time with my husband’s parents, aunts, and his dear grandmother, who enjoyed the surprise of us at her doorstep that sunny Sunday afternoon.  On Monday, we went for a walk with our dogs, and soaked up the spring-like weather that God blessed us with this weekend. (we have been getting so much snow, it was pretty exciting to see dry pavement!)



I know that in time I will build myself up with doubts and worries all over again…but for now, I am going to Be Still and Know.

until next time…T. xx




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