DIY: Pom Pom Game (for Toddlers)

I have discovered Norah’s new found current passion:  POM POMS.  I think it is safe to say that everyone remembers these when we were kids.  There was always a craft that involved those small puff balls- using a popsicle stick to spread the glue, and pasting them onto a piece of paper- now that was art!

Well, Norah and I had gone to the dollar store before her doctor appointment one day to buy some stickers, (another little obsession of hers) and the moment she spotted those pom poms, she would not let them go.   This is where the love story begins.


She carries her little pom poms everywhere she goes.  When eating meals, she watches them sitting on the table until she is finished, then back in her hands they go.  I have learnt that they are a great bargaining tool as well!   It is normally a 20 minute battle to get her coat on after daycare each day, but now, she puts that coat on quickly and sticks her little hands out for those pom poms!

So I browsed pinterest for some pom pom crafts and games and found so many that I may have to start a board solely for pom poms! I decided to try this game called “Pom Pom Drop” as it was easy, cheap and fast to make!

All you need are the following materials:

-empty coffee can (with lid)

-knife (or scissors)

-pom poms

Cut a slit (small hole) in the lid of the can, and let your toddler push each pom pom through the hole.  That is it! (I’m serious, quickest craft ever)  .  It is that simple (and cheap), and my daughter was captivated for hours! This is great practice for fine motor skills too!


We of course took it to the next level, and decorated the can with stickers!  (That made this game last even longer)


Until next time…xx





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