DIY- Fairy in a Cage

I have been finding so many little diy house projects while browsing pinterest, but have not had the time to pick up the needed supplies for all of these great crafts that I seem to think I can do!

Stranded with no supplies, I was desperate to be creative!!  I am in no way a crafty person, but have been needing some sort of outlet these days while my basement is in construction mode.

As I sat in my living room wondering what I could do with just the items I have lying around, I spotted this birdcage I’ve had for a couple of years (I think purchased at Homesense).

It has awkwardly been sitting on a shelf, not tied to any decor theme; it was lonely.  Yet I just love its classic look, so I started brainstorming!

My daughter’s room is nature themed- soft pinks with white and beige neutrals, and a lot of wildlife! Owls, rabbits, deer, all of the woodland creatures.

She was also given an adorable fairy statue from her grandmaman (my mother in law) and I hadn’t figured out how to display it yet in her room.



A little side story- every year my mother in law makes a little fairy garden in her yard each spring.  Filled with little lights, fairies- it is so cute and magical.  Her and I have always bonded over our fascination of fairies.  This year Norah will be helping with the garden, so we are both excited for the tradition to continue!


That’s when I figured out what to make! A little cage for her fairy statue!  I had the letter N from a failed craft (I warned you that I am not crafty), some twine, a few little butterflies from my baby shower two years ago, and the statue!

It didn’t take much to make this, and when I hung it from a hook in my daughter’s room, it really added to the magical woodland feel!

Now, each time Norah walks in her room, she looks up and says, “wowwwww!” with gleaming eyes and it just warms my heart.   (Let’s ignore the fact that “wow” is one of her favourite phrases for anything right now…. lol)

Until next time!! xx


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