Epsom Salts Bath-is there a purpose?

I don’t know if it is the weather, my increase in work outs, or just that I am getting older, but my body is a lot more achy than it used to be! So I started to research ways to relieve muscle pains and I found Epsom salts!  This salt is actually a mineral that contains magnesium and is named after a town in England called Epsom, where it is found in its natural springs.  (note:Magnesium has multiple benefits including the relief of chronic pain)


Epsom salts have been used throughout time as a laxative when ingested, and today are used for things like sitz baths and aiding the removal of a sliver. epsom

In the past, I had used Epsom salts for an ingrown toenail and it worked really well!   It relieved some pressure and kept the infection down- although the antibiotics helped with the majority of the healing.

A lot of articles suggested that it is a great detox tool as well.  By soaking in an Epsom salts bath, the magnesium seeps through the skin and detoxifies our body.  This got me really intrigued.  As I continued to research, I began to find many controversies about whether it has been scientifically proven or if this is a folk remedy passed down through generations.(never read the first thing you see on the internet!)

So the question still remains, can Epsom salts detoxify and  heal aching muscles while soaking in a bath?

The more research I did, the more discouraged I got.  It all came down to this question- can this mineral actually absorb through the skin?  A lot of articles said no due to the fact that our skin has a protective barrier that blocks the minerals from absorbing. 

There was one research study done proving it can be absorbed however it was never published therefore technically not proven (a lot of websites base their theory on the benefits of Epsom salts on this study). 


ABC news released an article in 2015 –The Truth About Epsom Salts -stating that epsom salts only provide a placebo affect due to lack of research.

I also found this article, Does Epsom Salt Work?, that has a more scientific approach on why the baths do not detoxify.

Unfortunately the conclusion is that an Epsom salts bath does not actually HEAL aching muscles and it has not been scientifically proven yet that it is an actual detox method.

ted disappointed.gif

This being said, there have been many personal testimonies of these baths being healing both physically and mentally. 

So I had a few Epsom salts baths to test these theories for myself.  The Epsom salts forced me to relax in a bath for longer than I probably would make time for which allowed me to relieve stress.  I was so focused on allowing the salts to work, that I would read, listen to music, whatever it took to stay in the bath!   It basically lowered my stress levels, which made me feel healthier and happier!  

Another benefit I noticed was that my skin improved-the severity of my psoriasis had lessened.  Again, this could be due to the lower stress levels (stress is so harmful for our bodies!)

Candlelit bubble bath

I found some personal health benefits by taking these baths, so you decide! Does an Epsom Salts Bath heal you? xx






One thought on “Epsom Salts Bath-is there a purpose?

  1. I knew this was here ! I am currently sitting in my second ever epsom salt bath ! ( my mom gave me some of her lavender Epsom salts she uses and loves) ; so I thought the end of last week and now was nothing more than the perfect reason to try. 4-5 days of intense physio has me feeling tired , and also achey all over from using muscles I haven’t in who knows how long. Fact: I loved it. It helped me sleep the other night. It also seemed to help my achey muscles , whether it was just the hot water the relaxing or what , it worked. 🙌🏼🛀 ps. I love them and will be RELAXING more ! Xx


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