Raclette- best dinner party ever!

Over the holidays, I went to my parents house, who live a couple of hours away.  My poor husband had to work a lot that week, so I went over with my daughter, so she could have fun with her cousins over the break.   It is always so much fun getting together with my family!  There is always a nice balance of chaos and laughs when we are all under one roof-especially at dinner time. (Our family often relates to the movie, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation)blue-suit-seventh-outfit-mid_randy-quaid_national-lampoons-christmas-vacation-001

Trying to feed the kids (some in highchairs still) and ourselves at the same time, there is never room for adult conversation.   It just becomes a mission: feed the kids as fast as we can, keep them focused (always hard when they are overtired from the excitement) and shovel food into your own mouths if we are lucky!  dinner-table-argument-cartoon

One night, we decided to feed the kids early and wait until they were in bed before we had our special “adult dinner”.  My mom and dad introduced us to Raclette- a grill set where you melt cheese and grill meats and veggies right on the dining room table.  The concept is like fondue-everyone sits around and you cook your own food- but I found this to be a lot more fun!10468838_1

There were all kinds of meats and veggies, different types of cheeses, baguettes, and a pickle tray all set around the table.  We poured our wine, sat down, and began!  While the meats and veggies grilled on the top, we used the bottom tray dishes to melt our cheese.  While everything cooked, we just chatted and had a lot of laughs, flipping things around every once in awhile.

We started to get creative too- grilling pickles, beets, and at the end of the dinner, my brother in law grilled some apples, which were delicious!!


There are so many themes you could have for a Raclette party- mexican, brazilian, etc- and have many dipping sauces and liquors to compliment the theme and foods!

I hope to post our own hosted Raclette dinner in the near future- I already cannot wait to start planning.. stay tuned!!  xx





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