Brussel Sprouts Dish (with Chicken)

As I was prepping chicken nachos last night (trying to use up left over rotisserie chicken), I was trying to think of how to make this a bit healthier, a bit more green.


I put the usual chicken, salsa, cheese on nacho chips in the oven (for my husband) and then decided to make something up for myself!

I am on a brussel sprouts kick right now, so I knew I wanted to incorporate those!  Brussel sprouts are very low in calories and high in nutrients.   They are high in protein, and meet your vitamin C and K for the day with one serving.  They are known for lowering the risks of cancer, managing diabetes, reducing wrinkles, and improving skin texture!(just to name a few)images

So here is a meal I came up with (as I am trying to expand my brussel sprout dishes):


1/2 bag of frozen brussel sprouts

1 chicken breast, shredded

1/2-1 cup of garlic vinaigrette

1/4 cup of grated cheese

2 tablespoons of salsa

I took some brussel sprouts (frozen, which actually holds nutrients better than ‘fresh’ from grocery store) and chicken and fried them up in a pan on medium heat with some garlic vinaigrette.


This Garlic Expressions brand is my all time favourite! I use it for everything..

Once the chicken and brussel sprouts were soft and browned, I added a bit of salsa and continued to fry, now on low heat.  I added grated cheddar cheese (next time I will try parmesan to switch it up) and let it melt, before pouring onto my plate!  Yum!


The picture does not do the meal justice.  It was easy, fast, and tasted delicious!

Next time, I will try cutting the sprouts in half, to soak up more flavour.(I was in a hurry last night)

I think I MAY even be able to convince my husband to try it!

It is always fun experimenting in the kitchen!! xx


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