Reflection: Resolutions for 2017

img_26171I was trying to write a blog to reflect on my holidays over Christmas, and to try and transition it into the new year, but there are so many details that I could not possibly write them all out!  There were some rough moments with my family and friends-sickness, conflict, and hard emotions to face– but I started out the holiday telling myself to be positive, which allowed me to enjoy every single moment with my loved ones.


I have faced many obstacles in 2016– personally, with my family, with my husband, with my work, with my friends- just as anyone has. I have recognized the breakthroughs and accepted any setbacks.  I am going to learn from these and take what I have learnt in 2016 and apply it to 2017.  I hope to increase my meditation, to slow life down to enjoy the little details, and to be positive and full of love.


There are 3 basic resolutions I would like to accomplish:  

  1.  STOP COMPLAINING.   I feel the world in this day and age complains more than we need to. I catch myself doing it all the time!   “that driver was too slow” “my throat hurts” “I’m so tired”  “I had to work late”


I don’t want this to be the way I communicate anymore.  I have been truly inspired by a couple of people dear to my heart- whose lives consist of constant suffering- yet they have no complaints!  They just keep living.  By doing so, it is maximizing the value of their life here on earth!   So, I am going to try and stop complaining, and start living!

2. ATTEMPT BALANCE.  As a new working mom, I am really struggling with where to put my time and energy.  I know the solution is to create balance.  This will be a very hard challenge for myself.  It is a continuing task that is also linked to my anxiety and OCD.


I am going to increase my meditation this year, because that keeps me focused.  It will slow me down and allow me to center myself and branch out to what I should be concentrating on.

3. SIMPLICITY.  This really ties into the balance portion of my resolutions.   The best way to balance is to simplify your life!  I hope to really minimize a lot of “things” around the house like clothes and other items not being used.  I hope to minimize my activities/focuses so I can have more open time for spontaneous adventures, date nights with my husband, and quality time with family and friends.  keep-it-simple-wallpaper

A simple life actually creates a full life if you think about it!!

So here is to 2017 being the start of a simple, balanced life full of positivity and love!!  May you all find peace in your lives this year.  xx




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