Life as a Working Mom

cd907512eb0cc583b1e8a41f9aa44f0aWell, I haven’t written on here in ages.  My life has drastically changed as I went back to work and learnt a whole new adjustment of working full time in a high demanding job, and coming home to being housewife and mother.  This, along with other stresses such as loved ones becoming seriously ill, and financial stress (coming back from mat leave), it has taken 6 months for me to finally realize I need to reflect on this.

Having a child in my 30s has been a difficult transition.  I lived my life only worrying about myself, and then added pets and a husband- and now my little daughter is here, 18 months old and full of toddler energy.


During the week we all have a routine in the house and it is a very busy time.  Before work we all rush around before leaving the house, and after work has completely changed.  I pick Norah up, we rush home and I make dinner within 30 minutes. (I will have to start posting 30 minute meals, I have really learnt a few good recipes on a very tight budget!)  After bath and bedtime routines, dishes, packing up the lunches for the following day, I struggle with sitting down and doing something for myself.

I look around, and the house isn’t in shambles, but my mind is whirling- there is vacuuming, dusting, laundry, all of the daily chores that are ignored throughout the week.  Why do I expect a spotless and tidy home when I have 2 shedding dogs and a toddler?   Why would I risk quality time with my husband and family just to clean something that will need cleaning again tomorrow?


the only one who would pose under the tree


I have set expectations in my life that are completely irrelevant to LIFE itself.  I have loved ones battling serious illnesses- yet their focus is on the happiness in their lives.  It is truly inspiring.  It has taught me to accept my happy mess, and to enjoy the life I have and the loved ones around me!  Life is a gift, we should all appreciate it!


enjoying cuddle time






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