10 Clever Hacks using Rubber Bands

So, instead of adding to the steady flow of Valentine’s day ideas, I am posting completely at random today- about rubber bands.

 My mom has a wide collection of colourful rubber bands, and I ended up with a few in my possession.  The only issue is, what can I use them for? (Aside from the rubber band bouncy ball that everyone has made at some point or another)

 It turns out, there are a LOT of uses/hacks for rubber bands!  I had to narrow it down to 10 (the list honestly goes on and on)!


1. To keep clothes on hangers

2. To assist in a french manicure

3. To help  toddler proof the door knobs

4. DIY Vase— I love these in the gold!

5. To remove a stripped screw

6. To create a kleenex/garbage system for when one is sick (I love this idea!)

7. To control the paint on a brush

8. To open jars and nail polish bottles

9. To keep an apple from browning

10. to make grip for a drinking glass (ideal for young children!)

Well, I’m all stretched out of ideas so until next time..

 God Bless! xx


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