Recharging My Soul 🎹

During these winter months of my maternity leave, I have been keeping busy organizing, cleaning, decluttering, booking appts for dogs, husband, daughter and myself, working out, the list goes on!  I realized I am still missing something.  That something is music.  

 Music is a huge part of my life.  I have been playing the piano for 27 years and is my favourite instrument to play.  I love playing classical, making my own songs up, singing while I play.  Since I had Norah, life got a bit busier and the keys became coated with dust. 

 Yesterday during Norah’s nap, I went to play one song on the piano to just test it out and I ended up playing for over an hour. And it. felt. GREAT.   

 I felt so rejuvinated!! I am going to aim to practice at least once a week again (I’m a bit out of shape naturally)! 

I recorded a little clip below of one of my favourite Nocturnes by Chopin (again, a bit rusty)  

What do you do to recharge your soul?  

 God Bless xx


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