Live Nativity

In all the hype and rush to accomplish everything on the “to do before Christmas” list, I sometimes need to remind myself to take a step back and enjoy this time of year!  Between the cleaning, packing, cooking, baking, wrapping, it is easy to get lost and forget the meaning of Christmas!  Driving around looking at all of the houses decked out with bright lights is one of my favourite Christmas activities!  Listening to Christmas tunes and looking at each house decorated in their own creative way.   It helps me slow down while enjoying the magical displays.


Having Norah has helped us to go out and try new activities during this season!  As she grows older, I can picture us skating on the local outdoor rink and tobaganning down giant snowy hills.   


Last night, we bundled her up in her stroller, and took her to see a live Nativity with some family friends! She may have slept the entire time, but it was still a fun little outing!  It was a beautiful scene, run by one of the local churches- who have been doing it for 29 years!    

 It was really well done.  There were angels, wise men, carolers, sheep and even a donkey; all participating in this beautiful re-enactment. Seeing this nativity brought the true meaning of Christmas to life! 

Afterwards, we walked around the grounds, looking in awe at the wonderful light displays.  

 My favourite was the GIANT light tree!  If only I could have that in my yard!  

 On our drive home, we of course took the long way to view all of the decorated homes.  So pretty with their lights! 

 It was a wonderful night filled with wonderful memories (did I mention the free hot chocolate?) and I’m looking forward to many more this season!  

God Bless xx


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