The Season Of Traveling! 

Now that we have Norah, I notice a lot of changes “before baby” and “with baby”, and one major change is traveling!  

 Aside from the obvious, (that being the extra amount of gear that is required to be packed such as diapers, toys, chairs, playpens, receiving blankets, bibs, food, bottles-the list goes on for a very VERY long time) the actual travelling part has changed significantly.   
Before baby, the morning of the day of travel, I would wake up and slowly sip a coffee.  


I’d make a nice breakfast while packing a lunch for the road (sometimes I try and be thrifty/healthy). I would then shower and get ready, maybe curl my hair, sip another coffee while quickly throwing a music mix together, and then hit the road!  
 Note: I am an obsessive organizer so am usually completely packed the night before. 
The morning of the day of travel with a baby is a completely different story. Most times I am not packed and ready to go the night before. The time is undetermined when we wake up, but when we do, it is go time! We do quick diaper change and I feed Norah a bottle. After that, she plays while I make a coffee and start packing up last minute baby items. I finally take my first sip of coffee hastily, as i know it may be my only sip of HOT coffee.  

  I then quickly get ready (hopefully I had time to shower the night before) before Norah becomes impatient. I change and dress her, pack diaper bag, and make up bottles for the car ride. I realize it is time to go, so grab banana, chug the cold coffee, and put baby in carseat (hurrying to catch her naptime). 
 Of course, she tends to spit up all over her outfit as we leave, so semi-quick wardrobe change (she does not like changing outfits two times in a row) and we are on the road!  

 Once on road, I usually realize that I have forgotten half of my items, but at least the baby has every single toy and piece of clothing to survive a 3 day trip!  

 The actual carride (before baby) was always my favourite part of the trip! I would put my “awesome roadtrip” mix on really loud, and enjoy the scenery. I always tried making the trip without many stops, which is not the case with a baby. 


Travelling with Norah is always a gamble. Sometimes she will sleep the entire way and wake up rested and happy when we arrive.  

  Other times, we play the game “why is she crying, what does she want”. This game can be very difficult when driving on a 10 lane freeway. She loses her soother 20 times, which means pulling over 20 times! The other half of the trip is singing children music loudly and changing diapers at truck stops. What an exhausting adventure it can be!    


From some of my travels, I have gathered a few tips:

-pack as much as you can night before (including snacks for road)

-shower night before

-the baby doesn’t need as many toys as you think

-keep extra kleenex and wipes in the car

-attach soother to carseat and keep many on hand

-stay calm and do not rush to destination


So, if you are traveling with a baby over the holidays like we are (as well as with our two dogs..) drive safe and have fun! 

God Bless xx


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