Are Christmas Cards Dead? 

We are definitely in a new fast-paced world: everything at our fingertips with the touch of a button. Siri, google, amazon, pinterest, itunes- anything we want or need in 2 seconds.    

 I’m not going to fill this blog with pros and cons and start a debate on if this electronic life is beneficial or not. I definitely find it very useful to be able to google quickly: “what is a high fever for a baby?” or “is it safe for a dog to eat an entire casserole dish full of turkey?” (true story from last Christmas.. my dog thankfully survived! )  

Included with these awesome features such as itunes (which i love, being a music lover) and google map, there are items such as facebook photo albums and ecards. 

One of my favourite things to do when I visit my parents is to go through the old photo albums. Pictures of my siblings and i fishing, visiting cousins, Christmas memories; it is so nostalgic.  

Since Norah was born, I’ve had a million pictures sitting in my phone- for only me to look back on. What will Norah do when she is older? Look on my facebook page, if that is still popular? So I have decided to create photo albums, the way my parents did.   

 Keeping that paper tradition alive as opposed to the new online albums. 

Another paper tradition that I love is Christmas cards. As I was gathering addresses for mailing the cards, one person gave me their email address thinking I wanted to send an e-card! 

This leads me to my main thought and final question– are Christmas cards dead? I know the price for postage has gone up, and people now update their lives on social media and through email- not needing to send their family update in their yearly Christmas card.  

As our family is beginning new traditions with it being Norah’s first Christmas, I think I will carry out this older tradition a bit longer (unless postage stamps reach 5$ that is)!   
Do you send Christmas cards? What are your views on this tradition? 

God Bless xx


One thought on “Are Christmas Cards Dead? 

  1. This is very true.. Everything is moving towards convenience these days! More convenience and people seem to be more busy despite that! Anyways.. Love your blog! 🙂


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