DIY Christmas Gifts

Looking for a really unique gift to give someone for Christmas? Below are a few DIY gifts that anyone is guaranteed to like!

1. Recipe Holder

I love this so much I want to make one for myself! It has a great vintage look and it hardly costs a thing.

 Recipe Holder instructions and credit Here

2. Personalized Mugs:

This is great for any coffee, tea or hot chocolate lover! Throw in a bag of fresh coffee beans, or a mini bag of marshmellows as an added touch!
 Personalized Mugs instructions and credit here

3. Jewelry Holder:

This is a cute gift- easy to make with many stylish options to customize!

Jewelry Holder instructions and credit here

4. Sewing kit in a jar: 

I have been seeing a lot of “in a jar” homemade gifts recently but this one is one of my favourites!
 Sewing Kit instructions and credit here

5. DIY Heat Pack:

This gift is great for sore muscles and headaches, and the patterns for the packs are endless allowing a personal touch!
 Heat Pack instructions and credit here

6. Beadboard Photo Display:

Out of all picture frames to make, this is my favourite! There are so many different stains and paints I want to try!
 Photo display instructions and credit here

7. Paint Chip Wall Art:

All you need is a frame and paint samples and you have art worthy of any wall!
 Paint Chip Wall Art instructions and credit here

8. Flavoured Salt Jars:

These flavoured salts are perfect for anyone who loves cooking in the kitchen!
 Flavoured Salt Recipe instructions and credit here

9. Chalkboard cheese stone:

Perfect for the wine lovers and so simple!!
  Chalkboard Cheese Stone instructions and credit here

10. Rustic Wood Shim Vase:

This is a beautiful gift that adds that perfect rustic touch!
 Rustic Wood Shim Vase instructions and credit here

God Bless xx


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