The Routine of Change

Well, our little Norah is growing up. I feel like I’m going to blink and there she will be-a teenager and fighting my every word. I’m trying not to think too far ahead though- she is only 6 months old.  

 A lot has happened in 6 months! And unsurprisingly, the only constant has been change. Norah is very much like myself in which she loves routine, but I try and not get too comfortable with our “perfect days”. The fact is, with these perfect days, comes the complete opposite- “what the heck is going on/everything I know about babies is out the window” days. And then the guessing games begin. Is it teething? Growth spurt? Developmental spurt? Weather? Gas? I just pick all of the above now, and we have learnt to go with the flow on those days (a huge accomplishment for me as I am not a ‘go with the flow’ type of person).  

 The milestones seem so small to an outsider, but here in Norah’s world, I am beaming proud over every accomplishment! Sitting, grabbing her feet, her coos, giggling, holding toys, rolling, and eating from a spoon-which is yet another change in our routine.  

 It seems that when a baby reaches the stage of eating solids, they also reach the stage of extreme curiosity and the need to touch everything, causing there to be a whole new level of patience required as the parent. I always pictured myself quietly feeding my baby, and her gently taking each bite with extreme concentration. In reality, that lasts about 2 seconds. The goal is trying to get her to eat while the food is warm- waving the spoon in front of her wandering eyes to get her attention, while keeping everything out of her reach (including the spoon). Note: do not leave bowl on highchair tray for even a second-babies are fast. 

  Another change has been the sleep routine. We were pretty lucky with Norah- she was sleeping 8-11 hr nights by the time she was a month old!  However, now with her teething/developmental spurt/growth spurt, she has slightly regressed. Just a couple of weeks ago, she had a cold and her immunization needles thrown into that mix and it felt like she was a newborn all over again.  This meant a lot of sleepless nights and zombie-like “just try and survive” days (it didn’t help that I was sick too). Our routine was to not have a routine and just get through each day!  

 Norah is also a good napper. During the day, she was doing at least two long naps (1.5-2hrs) and one little catnap. Was. Now, she seems to be shortening her sleeping during the day and it will only get shorter as she gets older.  

  This means my free time has shortened- the quiet time in which i spend the first half hour trying to decide on what I should do with this free time. I never knew how much “time to myself” I had, until I had a Norah. Now I have a list (I’m a list person) of daily tasks and I pick some items from the list to accomplish during nap time. Some days, we have a great routine and I get a lot done around the house at the same time! Other days, I have ‘nap’ or ‘shower’ written down, to feel like I’ve completed at least one thing on the list that day.  

 Amongst these ups and downs of change, there are tiny little constants to keep me going and make me smile. When she’s cuddled up to me in her adorable pjs as we read “GoodNight Moon” before bed every night, when she giggles while her daddy dances around the room with her, when she is lying in her crib every morning with a giant smile on her face. Those precious moments help connect each change and make it all worth it!  

 ……….still to come: walking, talking, and terrible twos. 

stay tuned and God Bless xx



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