Norah Anne was born 8lbs 9oz on June 17th,2015 (10 days past her due date). The labour, c section, hospital hours and the first few weeks with our daughter almost seem like a distant dream.

Certain memories stand out from that month-long blur. A hot summer’s night- our family in the cool basement watching baseball games while Norah slept on my chest.  Norah’s first coo. When she started sleeping 8 hours a night at only a couple of weeks old. Her first bath. First smile.

During these times, I questioned everything. Am i doing this right? Is she ok? Is this normal? Is that normal?  (It turns out, everything is “normal” with children)

I have observed other moms and their reaction to parenthood.  Most seemed so calm and collected-naturals from the start.  My nurturing insticts kicked in immediately, but I was still unsure of my role as a mother- my confidence was blocked by this wall of fears and uncertainties.

Over these past few months though, that has completely changed. Norah and I have grown an incredible bond as mother and daughter.  I have welcomed motherhood and the joys that come with it. Norah went from newborn to baby and continues to change each day!  Not just physically, but in all ways. She giggles constantly, loves when her daddy flies her in the air, observes everything around her, is slowly starting to eat solids, grabs the dogs’ fur as they lie next to her, the list goes on.  My love for this child continues to grow as fast as she does!

I have now let go of all anxieties and am fully embracing motherhood! She will be 5 months next week-time has flown by and I appreciate every second with her.  She is my everything and I thank God every day for bringing her into our lives. ❤️


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