The Homestretch

Well, I am now 38 and a half weeks pregnant.  Our little girl could arrive at any time, and we are ready to meet her!  The time really has flown by, and it still feels surreal!!

It is beginning to get very uncomfortable, as I have heard it would get in the final weeks.  How I miss the simple things in life: sleeping comfortably in bed, good circulation, putting shoes/socks/pants on without struggle, WINE.

A lot of my time is spent reading with my feet up.  I know, rough life.. but I am one who struggles to “just relax”, so this has been quite the challenge!

Of course Ive tried all of the old wives’ tales.  I eat spicy food, go for walks with Josh and the dogs, and take bumpy car rides on our little backroads.  My mom has told me that no matter what I try, our baby girl will only arrive when she is ready! I think she is right..

In the meantime, we just pray that she comes into this world healthy and happy!   


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