Take a Moment: in Nature

Once in awhile, I will probably reflect through one of my blogs.  This particular topic has been coming to mind each time I have been on a walk and so I feel the need to share:

Life can become busy in an instant.  If we allow it, this fast-paced world can be so consuming, it can lead to exhaustion.

This does not mean to stop helping others, or to ignore our callings in life.  However,each day we need to take a moment to pause.  Our bodies, minds and souls all need moments, but it is hard to nurture all three each and every day.

I think nature is God’s way of helping us with that.  By taking a walk outside, in nature, I have found great solace.  My body is exercised, my mind is clear, and I am able to reflect in a beautiful setting- away from the highspeed life that surrounds me.  Angst and doubt are left behind, and I feel recharged. (Not to mention, our dogs have a blast as well, which warms my heart!)

IMG_2629[1]                          IMG_2575[1]

One of the most adored Saints, St. Francis of Assisi, considered all nature as the mirror of God.   What better place to go and refresh your body, mind and soul then outdoors, amid all of God’s beautiful creations.

st francis

Job 28:10  ‘He splits channels in the rocks;His eyes behold all that is precious’

Gift Guide: 80th Birthday!

As my husband and I were brainstorming the perfect gift for his 80 year young grandmother, it dawned on me that this could be a helpful blog for the many others who struggle at coming up with unique gift ideas for their loved ones on such a significant birthday!

Many who are turning 80 have already been given everything they need/want.  So how to make this birthday special?

Here is a list of gifts that differ from the common gifts such as flowers, picture frames and other trinkets (I hope you find this as useful as I did!):

  1. New York Times “front page puzzles” (with date person was born) –  http://www.nytimes.com
  2. Personalized photo items such as a pillow, blanket, or placemats
  3. Homemade Scrapbook/Memory Box: include articles, pictures from their childhood years, recipes, and personal stories of your time of them
  4. Coupons!  examples: a coffee date, a dinner out, a movie night, to play bingo together on a Saturday night
  5. Gift Baskets:  of favourite food/snacks, entertainment (games, books, puzzles), a cozy night in (blanket, socks, movies, tea)
  6. Greeting Card Folder:  decorate a folder with pockets and fill with nice greeting cards (birthday, anniversary, get well, sympathy) and include some postage stamps
  7. Gift Cards for a service such as window cleaning, snow removal, or food delivery
  8. Ipad (with free Ipad lesson) to videochat with their children, grandchildren, friends etc.
  9. Subscription to favourite magazine or newspaper
  10. Personalized Christmas ornaments of family pictures

giftbasket greetingcardfolder newspaperpuzzle personalizedpillow scrapbookpink

Bacon-wrapped Butternut Squash

As the Superbowl is drawing near, I have been searching for a new appetizer- a different taste that combines well with wings, chili, nachos- the routine staples for this event.

I trialed this recipe over the weekend(always a good idea to test the recipes ahead of time to leave room for adjustments), and it was a big success!

Bacon-wrapped Butternut Squash:
  • cut in half and peel one butternut squash, remove the seeds
  • cut squash into rectangular bite-sized strips
  • slice bacon in half and wrap around squash (secure with a toothpick)
  • mix cinnamon with brown sugar and sprinkle
  • set oven to 375F and bake for 45 minutes (or until bacon is crispy)
  • enjoy!!


You do not have to be a football fan to enjoy these either- bring them to any fall/winter gathering!

Necklace Holder


Necklace Holder- all that is needed is a towel rack (mine is a basic one from Canadian Tire) and some shower hooks!

For a more vintage look, try browsing some yard sales for an old fashioned rod iron towel rack!

(Im really starting to love pinterest and its wonderful spacesaving/organizational ideas!!)

It’s a GIRL!

It only seems fit to start this blog off with very happy news-  we are expecting a little girl!   We were happy with any sex (we just pray the baby is healthy), but it has made it much more real AND surreal now that we can call the baby “her” and “she” (not to mention the naming has been narrowed down 50%!)

I felt her kick my hand with her little foot for the first time two days ago- and that feeling alone immediately flushed any uncomfortable experiences that comes with pregnancy.  To all first time mothers– hang in there!!  Once you feel this movement, your motherly instincts and love for the precious miracle growing inside you flourishes instantly!

My husband is through the roof with excitement- he cannot wait for daddy’s little girl.  Hopefully soon he will be able to feel her movements!!

“I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him.” -1 Samuel 1:27